Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The NBA "Big 9", Power Rankings

As with the NFL, we will be checking in weekly with an NBA power rankings. The rules will be the same. The 9 teams we think are playing the best right now. So if the Lakers lose 3 strait we're not keeping them in the top 3 just because they are the Lakers. Win or go home. Besides... The Lakers suck... :P

So here you go. The Week 1 Edition..

1. Boston Celtics - They're the still the Champs and looked solid in their opener against LeBron and co.

2. Los Angeles Lakers - I try to keep objective as much as possible but I really don't like the Lakers. You can't deny their talent though. They won the west with Bynum unavailable and look to be even stronger this year.

3. New Orleans Hornets - Added James Posey to an already imposing roster. If Peja can turn back the clock they can win it all. If not I still think they're a player away.

4. Utah Jazz - Big year for the Jazz. Will the potential free agency of Carlos Boozer and Mehmet Okur be a huge distraction or will the opportunity for a big payday have them playing better than ever? As always it will come down to Kirilenko.

5. San Antonio Spurs - Everyone seems ready to write them off despite the fact they were playing without Manu down the stretch last year. I think there is plenty of firepower left.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers - Mo Williams is definitely a big pickup and arguably the best sidekick LeBron has had in Cleveland. But he's still not a legit #2. You can still beat them if you slow down LeBron.

7. Detroit Pistons - Another powerhouse that everyone seems ready to write off. I think they're still good enough for the #3 seed in the East.

8. Phoenix Suns - This one is a bit of a reach but I don't think they ever got comfortable after the Shaq trade last year. With a new system better suited to an aging roster I think the Suns surprise people. Amare, Nash and co. are too talented to fade away and if Shaq is motivated. Look out.

9. Houston Rockets - They seem to be a favorite of many in the media to make a big jump this season but I don't see it. Yao hasn't played 60 games in a season since the '04-'05 season so unless Artest is bringing some sort of special medical staff with him, I don't see how his signing puts them over the top.

Apologies to: Philadelphia 76ers, Orlando Magic, Toronto Raptors.

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