Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The "Big 9" Week 7 Edition

What a crazy crazy week in the NFL. The Redskins, Cowboys and Giants all looked awful. The Falcons and Cardinals come up with huge exciting wins and Cleveland out of no where looks like the Browns of last year. This causes quite a shake up in the big 9.

1 (4) Tennessee Titans 5-0 - Can it really be anyone else at this point? Our top 3 teams from last week all lost to inferior opponents. The Titans remain the lone undefeated team in the NFL. Their schedule also stays weak with a match-up against the Chiefs this week.

2 (1) New York Giants 4-1 - Their defense looked pretty awful last night against the Browns and Eli went back to his old ways of turning the ball over at every opportunity. Still, every tea, has some bumps in the road and the Giants have looked too good over their last 10 games to just collapse.

3 (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 4-1 - The Steelers move up two spots during a bye week. Willie Parker should be back and healthy this week, and the Steelers should have no trouble improving their record to 5-1 against the lowly Bengals.

4 (2) Washington Redskins 4-2 - Of all the games this last week, the one I thought was a certain lock was the Skins over the Rams. However, the Rams looked rejuvenated after a head coaching change and somehow came up with the win. THe Redskins defense is still very good however and they should get in to the playoffs with out too much problem.

5 (NR) Tampa Bay Bucs 4-2 - The Bucs defense looked fantastic on Sunday against what previously had looked like a strong Panthers offense. They look liek the odds-on favorite to win the NFC South, but it won't be easy.

6 (NR) San Diego Chargers 3-3 - The Chargers really could be 6-0 or at least 5-1, they have had some real bad breaks, including one game being taken away that they won fair and square. They still have an uphill battle, but they looked fantastic against the Patriots and I still think they will come away with the AFC West crown.

7 (9) Atlanta Falcons 4-2 - The Falcons-Bears game on Sunday migth have been the best I have seen all year. Matt Ryan looked exceptional, throwing for well over 300 yards and completing a miraculous pass with 6 seconds left to set up the winning FG. The NFC South is wide open and the young Falcons have a real shot.

8 (NR) Arizona Cardinals 4-2 - Another newcomer to the rankings this week. The Cardinals played a great game against the cowboys on Sunday and proved themselves the heavy favorites to win the NFC West. When they get Anquan Boldin back they may have the best receiving core in the league.

9 (3) Dallas Cowboys 4-2 - The cowboys fall 6 spots in this week's rankings, partially because they lost but mostly because Tony Romo will miss the next 3 games with a broken finger. If the Cowboys can win one or two of those games they will still have a shot at the playoffs but things got a whole lot dimmer in one week for Cowboys fans.

Apologies to the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos

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Matt Clapp said...

Good rankings. Can't take the Giants out of the top 2 after one slip up, which was in a tough situation in front of a crazy crowd on the road, against an underachieving team desperate for a win.