Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Baseball Offseason Has Begun.

As a Chicago Cubs fan, usually as soon as the regular season is over, I really just can't wait til the off-season begins. Over the years, other teams celebrating championships has become less and less appealing to me, to the point where its tough for me to watch the World Series, I guess I'm just too addicted to me team and too bitter to enjoy others success. Lately its been nice to at least make the postseason but the hasty exist have made me care even less about the postseason. According to the TV ratings I wasn't the only one this year as the 08 World Series experienced record low ratings and an embarrassing finish.

Anyway now that, that is over we can get to the good stuff. The first trade of the off-season was made to today, with the Marlins shipping Mike Jacobs to the Royals. Over the next 3 months there will be many more to follow.

And so, my top 5 baseball off-season questions.

5. What Will the Mets do to turn things around?
Last year they went out and got Johan Santana, who had an amazing year, but it still wasn't enough to get in the playoffs. The Mets have as many stars any any team in baseball, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes and the aforementioned Santana. Is it time to rebuild? There has been rumors that they may be shopping Beltran. no matter what they do, the fans in New York won;t put up with the underachieving team much longer.

4. Who will sign Mark Teixeira?

Teixeira is one of the premier names on the market this year as far as offense goes. He was nothing short of fantastic after being traded to the Angels, and is great with the glove too. He would be a huge asset to any team. The Angels will likely make a hard push to re-sign him. There may only be a few teams out there that need a 1B and can afford his salary.

3. Will Manny re-sign in LA?
So far we have already heard the dodgers offered him a contract, then we heard they actually hadn't. We do know that Manny said LA was like being on vacation all the time after the trade last year, and his numbers seem to show it. He was the best hitter in baseball during August and September. Some also believe he may go to the Bronx to stick it to his former team in Boston

2. Can the Brewers somehow hold on to CC Sabathia?
If Ramirez was the Offensive MVP during August and September, Sabathia was surely the Cy Young during those 2 months. He literally almost single handily carried the Brewers into the playoffs on his back. Losing both Sheets and Sabathia would be a huge blow to the Brewers so they are likely to offer anything and everythign they have to keep him. Still there is almost surely to be higher offers available, so it will depend on whether or not CC is willing to give a hometown discount to the Brewers.

1. Who will win the Jake Peavy sweepstakes?

The Padres have made it known they are going to shop the 2007 Cy Young winner to the highest bidder. Peavy does have a no trade clause and is said to prefer to stay in the NL. He has given the padres a list of preferred teams that includes the Cardinals, Braves, Cubs, Astros and Dodgers. The Braves are believed by many to be the favorites but they do not want to part with their top prospects. whoever lands Peavy though will get an instant ace.

Anyway, I'm sure there are to be many surprises and interesting story lines that will develop before spring training in February. Stay tuned.

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Matt Clapp said...

5. The Mets will go out and spend big on a pitcher, who will be injured by the All-Star break.

4. He'll stay with the Angels.

3. If he's willing to stay 2 years, he'll stay in LA. That's where he wants to be I think. If these 5 year rumors are true, he'll be a Yankee.

2. Well, it sounds like they're going to try to. I think he'll be a Yankee though.

1. The Braves.

Great blog.