Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You take my job? I'll take your man purse...

When you think of the NFL, what comes to mind? World class athletes, bone-crushing hits and highlight reel athleticism... Right? But don't forget the ever important, Gucci man purse. Rudi Johnson has one and it's apparently so amazing that Tatum Bell decided he had to have it for himself. Yes, you read that right. In one of those "real life is stranger than fiction" type stories, it came out today that while Rudi Johnson was meeting with Detroit Lions management about a job, Tatum Bell, the man who would eventually be cut to make room for Johnson on the roster, was busy sneaking off with Johnson's luggage. The luggage apparently consisted of 2 Gucci bags. Now I realize Gucci probably makes an assortment of bags and the account of the incident describes the bags as "duffel bags". But when I think Gucci bag, I think purse or handbag. Not exactly the type of accessory one would typically associate with an individual who is paid to run over linebackers for a living.

To add to the drama, when the bags were eventually returned by a female friend of Bell, they were empty. Johnson described the missing items to include, his wallet, ID's, credit cards along with his underwear and socks.

Bell of course describes it all as a big misunderstanding. Apparently there are so many Gucci handbags lying around a typical NFL locker room that it's not hard to accidentally run off with someone else's purse and not even realize it isn't your own.

And people wonder why the Lions haven't been to the playoffs since 1999.

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